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Creating a High-Value Sales Funnel with Marylou Tyler

Without an efficient sales funnel, your marketing efforts may not create the revenue that you desire. Marylou Tyler has created a formula that takes your leads through a pipeline that is both compelling to potential clients, and scalable for business owners. Marylou is a renowned sales process improvement expert and the CEO of Strategic Pipeline. She shares her system to create value, pull your leads in, and close sales.

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Turn Lookers into Buyers with Killer Conversion Rates: Khalid Saleh

When a visitor comes to your website, is your content compelling enough for them to buy? Are errors on your website turning potential clients away? Are you A/B testing correctly? There are many factors that play into boosting your conversion rates, and Khalid Saleh is an expert on turning people from interested to a lifelong customer. Khalid is the CEO and co-founder of Invesp, a leading provider of conversion optimization software. We discuss how you can learn to create an online presence that people trust, and how to use the data that can change your business forever.

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Turning Social Media into an Unlimited Traffic System with Molly Pittman

The starting point for creating a compelling social media campaign can vary depending on your audience and goal, but there are ways to get ahead of your competition fast. Molly Pittman is an expert marketer who is responsible for creating, optimizing and maintaining Digital Marketer’s traffic system. She shares how you can turn a cold audience into a paid customer by earning trust and providing value. We dive into topics like segmenting ads, getting noticed on social media, and using TV appearances to build credibility.

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Metrics That Matter with Jim Sterne

Making sense of important data isn’t as simple as looking at the home page of a dashboard. Jim Sterne is the author of ten books on internet interactive marketing. He’s also a guru on metrics, and shares how we can find the analytics that will help our businesses thrive, and use that data to create trust, and boost conversion rates. We discuss the meaning of the most important data terms, how to gain statistical significance, and the right questions to ask about your data.

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Turning Website Visitors into Customers with Optimized Pop-Ups with Syed Balkhi

While using pop-ups or opt-in boxes can be a great way to grow your list, it’s no secret that they don’t convert well. Joining me today is the master of web conversions: Syed Balkhi. Syed is the founder of OptinMonster, a conversion tool that gets over six billion impressions per month. Syed explains how to turn your website visitors into subscribers with irresistible offers and perfectly timed pop-ups. We discuss how to make your subscriber rates skyrocket, how to get around ad blockers, WordPress tips and more!